Letter from Recruitment Chair

Ahoy Potential New Members! 

Congratulations on being accepted into the University of Denver and I hope you have a very smooth transition into this new chapter of your life! Starting college is a very big change and can be stressful at points. Luckily here at DU it’s easy to find great clubs and organizations that are welcoming and make it easy to call DU your new home. Be excited for yourself and this new journey! 

My name is Jamie Knippen and I am a senior year at the University of Denver. This past year I have had the honor of representing Delta Gamma’s Beta Chi Chapter as Vice President of Membership. During the fall of my freshman year, I joined Delta Gamma and was lucky enough to find my home away from home. DG has provided me with lifelong friends, leadership positions and the opportunity to travel to nationwide leadership conferences! I know I can speak on behalf of the entire chapter when I say, “We are all very excited to meet you!”

As we all come from different parts of the world to study at the University of Denver, it can be easy to come into the recruitment process with the stigma of intimidation. I am here to personally assure you that there is nothing to worry about, and we at Delta Gamma could ask for nothing more from you than just being yourself! Recruitment is a time to let your interests and personality shine. Every woman in our chapter has diverse backgrounds and interest… in other words… “We ain’t got no type.” So be yourself because we want to know the real you. This is how I met some of my closest friends and how I want you to as well.

Being a part of Delta Gamma gives women the opportunity to develop leadership skills through many executive positions within the chapter. Another phenomenal part of Delta Gamma is the extensive alumnae network in Denver and 131 alumnae chapters across the country. Philanthropy is very important to us as we work closely with our organization, “Service for Sight.” We are honored to have funded the opening of the “Anchor Center,” a school for visually impaired children, right here in Denver! Having this school located in Denver gives us the opportunity to do hands on work that makes a noticeable difference in our community while also giving new meaning to our motto, “Do Good.” 

Joining Delta Gamma has been one of the most exciting growing experiences that I have been a part of. The woman around me constantly do amazing and push me to be better in way. I have been lucky enough to have made friends who are there when I cry, friends who make me laugh, and friends that will be my lifelong friends. Delta Gamma has provided me with a deep desire to lead with confidence and inspiration while also managing to become my second home. 

Recruitment allows us in Delta Gamma to extend to you the vast amount of friendships, opportunities and pride that we share in our organization. If you are contemplating participating in recruitment I strongly urge you to give it a shot, you have nothing to lose. I want to leave you with the most useful piece of advice I was given, the best thing you can do during recruitment is be yourself and have fun while doing it, don't stress over the little things no matter how big they feel, they will all pass when you find the Panhellenic organization that feel like home! 

With Love and Excitement from the Beta Chi Chapter of Delta Gamma, 

Jamie Knippen